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Kathy's Distinguished Nursing Career: From Emergency to Advanced

Kathy's journey in the nursing field began with her graduation in 2000 from the University of Calgary, where she earned a Bachelor of Nursing degree with distinction. Her early career was marked by a challenging yet rewarding tenure in the Emergency Room. Seeking to deepen her expertise, Kathy completed a specialty program in critical care nursing at Mount Royal University.

In 2010, Kathy achieved another academic milestone, graduating from Athabasca University with a Master's Degree in Advanced Nursing Practice. This accomplishment marked a turning point in her career, as she shifted her focus towards primary care, emphasizing preventative health measures.

For several years, Kathy practiced at a Nurse Practitioner-led primary care clinic in Okotoks. Her commitment and passion for patient care were evident in her role, which she immensely enjoyed. Unfortunately, due to lack of government funding, the clinic had to close its doors.

Kathy's diverse experience spans various areas of healthcare. She has contributed significantly to a preventive health clinic and a complex care clinic, offering services across all life stages, from postpartum community care to geriatric consultations in supportive living facilities.

In addition to her clinical roles, Kathy has been an educator at Mount Royal University and engaged in research at the University of Calgary, enriching her background with a blend of practical and academic experiences.

In 2017, Kathy joined GLO Antiaging, a decision that marked a new chapter in her illustrious career, one that she continues to thrive in and contribute to meaningfully.

Kathy's experience in the healthcare field led her to a critical realization: the need for more effective tools in addressing health concerns, particularly in hormonal health and weight management. This realization ignited a strong desire for specialized learning. She immersed herself in extensive education in hormones, weight management, and functional medicine, taking courses from esteemed institutions like the Institute of Functional Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Kathy's enthusiasm for continuous learning is unyielding. Her days are filled with listening to educational podcasts, delving into books and research articles, and participating in webinars, courses, and conferences. This dedication to staying informed is driven by her commitment to offer her patients the most current and effective care.

At the heart of her practice lies a deep appreciation for the art and science of patient treatment. Kathy approaches each patient with empathy and compassion, ensuring they feel genuinely heard and understood.

Beyond her professional life, Kathy leads by example in her personal health and lifestyle choices. She is a mother to two active teenagers involved in sports, and she finds joy in experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Travel and immersion in nature, particularly the mountains, are her sources of rejuvenation. There, she indulges in hiking, running, mountain biking, golf, weight training, and yoga. Kathy is also challenging herself to embrace the cold, with aspirations to enjoy cold plunging someday. This balance of personal and professional passions reflects her holistic approach to health and well-being.

what is functional medicine?

At GLO we take a Functional Medicine approach to all our patients concerns. Functional Medicine is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. The Functional Medicine Approach looks at lifestyle, genetics, and environment and how these areas impact health. We do not just focus on symptoms or suppressing symptoms. We look at the person as a whole and how all our systems: physical, emotional, and spiritual are interrelated and impact our health and vitality. We focus on your bio-individuality.

Vitality at Glo Calgary Kathy

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners (NP) are registered nurse with a graduate degree and training in advanced clinical practice. They conduct comprehensive health assessment, diagnose health conditions, and treat and manage acute and chronic illness independently. NPs order and interpret screening and diagnostics tests, perform procedures, and prescribe medications and therapeutic interventions.
Vitality at Glo Calgary Kathy
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