Andropause and Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The result of low testosterone can impact men's overall health and well-being

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests an association between low testosterone and health conditions like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and depression. The typical symptoms one associates with low testosterone include: low libido, erectile dysfunction, increased breast size, loss of muscle mass, and mood changes.

A Personalized Approach to Optimal Testosterone Health

Our goal is to help you realize your optimal health. We will address lifestyle factors that can increase suboptimal testosterone levels. Then add in some supplements if appropriate a prescription for a physiological dose of testosterone. Testosterone levels will naturally decrease as part of the normal aging process. That does not mean one must live with the consequences of testosterone deficiency. Part of your work up will include a full testosterone panel and assess not just what is normal for all men, but what is optimal for you.
Andropause and Testosterone Replacement Therapy Vitality at Glo Calgary

A Comprehensive Approach to Optimal Health and Testosterone Optimization

We then also discuss the risks and benefits of therapy so you can make an informed decision regarding the treatment that is best for you. If testosterone therapy or testosterone optimization is the right choice for you we will provide ongoing monitoring to ensure the safety and prevent the side effects associated with supraphysiological dosing.
Andropause and Testosterone Replacement Therapy Vitality at Glo Calgary

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Andropause and Testosterone Replacement Therapy
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The Andropause and Testosterone Replacement Therapy Process
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