Many women don’t realize that it is important to optimize their health BEFORE they try to get pregnant

Unfortunately 1 in 8 couples struggle with fertility. This can be a devastating journey for couples. A functional medicine approach to fertility can help to optimize your health and improve your chance of conception.

Our goal is to support couples to optimize their egg and sperm quality, address issues that may be impacting ovulation and implantation and support women going through IVF (done through a Fertility Clinic).

Fertility Vitality at Glo Calgary

How Functional Medicine Can Improve Your Fertility

A functional medicine approach to fertility includes a comprehensive health history and testing to reveal potential root causes.  Potential triggers can include adrenals, thyroid, environmental toxins, chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances (like polycystic ovarian syndrome, progesterone deficiency), abnormal growths like fibroids, decreased ovarian reserve, sperm quality, unstable blood sugar (insulin resistance), genetics, autoimmune disease (celiac), lifestyle (over exercise or under eating), micronutrient deficiencies, vaginal microbiome, genetics or food sensitivities.
Functional medicine believes that all our systems are related.  So treating the whole couple, rather than specific symptoms can help to improve fertility outcomes

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The Fertility Process
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